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Welcome to estalystic.com! We are dedicated to exploring the world of food, travel, and new recipes. Based on the East Coast of the USA, our team of committed individuals has been fortunate enough to experience some of the most exciting culinary and travel destinations. Join us as we take you on a journey of exploration, discovering new tastes, and experiencing new cultures.

Our vision is to become the go-to source for food and travel enthusiasts looking to explore the East Coast and beyond while presenting you with new and exciting recipes to try at home. We aim to give our readers an authentic and personal perspective on the places we visit, the food we try, and the recipes we create.

Our mission is to inspire and inform our readers through our content, encouraging them to explore new destinations, try new foods, and cook new recipes. Travel, food, and cooking are some of life’s greatest pleasures, and everyone should have the opportunity to experience them.

We pride ourselves on giving our readers a personal and intimate perspective on the places we visit, the food we try, and the recipes we create. We don’t just write about the tourist hotspots; we seek out hidden gems and local favorites to share with our readers.

Our blog focuses on categories: eat and drink; and travel. In the eat and drink category, we explore the diverse culinary landscape of the East Coast, from fine dining restaurants to food trucks and local eateries. We also present you with new and exciting recipes to try at home. And in the travel category, we share our experiences of exploring different destinations, providing our readers with insider tips and recommendations.

We want to thank the previous blogger who started this blog. Without their hard work and dedication, we would not have this platform to share our love for food, travel, and cooking with our readers.

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Our team consists of individuals who share a love for food, travel, and cooking. Each of us brings a unique perspective and expertise to the blog, which helps to make our content diverse and informative. We always look for new and exciting destinations to explore, new foods to try, and new recipes to create and share with our readers.



Experienced blog writer Shailee shares knowledge and experiences in engaging articles. Enjoys cooking and exploring.


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Passionate travel blogger David shares adventures and tips for exploring Nepal through engaging and informative articles.


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Shaswat is an experienced writer and editor with expertise in instructional design and UI/UX design.

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